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From a Distance
From a Distance
Close my eyes and I can see.
See a world where I am happy.
Breathing in and breathing out
With no reason to fight or shout
Acceptance here and acceptance there
For once everything in life is fair
Hard work pays off and everyone is equal
And we have brought down the wretched eagle
No hate or discrimination
No suicide or elimination.
We are one. We are unique.
Perfect and beautiful at our peak
Hand in hand we sing in unison
Where everyone is their own musician
We march to our own beat, and we don’t care,
And no one gets angered and no one glares.
One we are, happy we are
We all beat with the same heart
But then I open my eyes again
And my hopes ceases to ascend
Hope for humanity is lost
Wars over beliefs, but at what cost?
Kill your brother and your sister
And destroy those so-called free-thinkers.
Down with equal rights,
Just because you’re white
No one else deserves what you have been given.
Oh how the blood glistens
Same skull, same heart
But someh
:iconart-by-stephanie:Art-By-Stephanie 0 0
She puts me down with just a look.
It slams me shut like a book.
What can I say?
I am just this way.
It’s not like I have a choice.
In retribution, she squawks her voice.
No, I’m wrong, it’s always my fault
Her words sting like an open wound and salt.
I like to be alone, but I love friends.
I’m sorry that they never work out in the end.
I guess you’re right, it’s always my fault.
I’m the reason that friendships halt.
I’m ruthless, I’m cruel, and I am mean.
I’m sorry; I just want to be more than a machine.
Do this for her, that for him.
Is it wrong that my patience is running thin?
I want someone who cars as much as I do.
A loving person for me is overdue.
But it’s still my fault, I’m merely a loser
However, I never asked you to be my ruler.
Is it that bad to want someone else to try?
I’m always the one to try, but why?
I’ve lost hope, I’ve given up.
Is it so wrong that I’m
:iconart-by-stephanie:Art-By-Stephanie 0 0
The Fight
The Fight
The mirror is my enemy.
It points out what’s wrong with my anatomy.
Protruding hips and tiny slits
The image causes a desire to spit.
Who am I? I am you.
You are a Capulet, and I am a Montague.
Pale skin and far from thin
My fraternal twin.
Plain as day, clear as glass.
“There’s something you don’t seem to grasp.
No one wants you, you’re unloved.
It’s simple, dear, you’re not good enough.
Take the blade and make your exit
It’s better than failing at being anorexic.
It won’t hurt; it’s what you’ve been doing.
There’s a storm coming, and it’s brewing.”
I look at the scars and fat upon my body.
Maybe she’s right, I mean look how sloppy!
“Reach for the weapon, come on, you’ve got it!”
Don’t worry it’s only permanent.
There’s only one choice, I must act now.
I’d just live with her throughout life anyhow.
It’s easier to die, and escape t
:iconart-by-stephanie:Art-By-Stephanie 0 0
The white snow flutters softly to the ground;
The chilly air signals winter has come.
I stand on the street with no one around.
Oh, the lonely season has just begun.
The days are shorter; the nights are longer.
Why does this isolation never end?
It feels like the wind is getting stronger.
The frozen flakes continue to descend.
Suddenly, as soon as it came, it left.
The freezing temperatures melt away.
The winter was stolen, quite like a theft,
But the spring has come and is here to stay.
Although the winter was quite beautiful,
The springtime is a great deal more blissful.
:iconart-by-stephanie:Art-By-Stephanie 0 0
Broken Hearts
Broken Hearts
In the June before Senior year,
You were there, and I was here,
I remember what you told me on that faithful day.
You said that you loved me, and you wanted to stay.
But here I am, years later,
Wishing I could remember,
And now I’m begging you to stay
While you live miles away.
I can’t help it; I wish I could.
I can’t help it, but I knew this would.
I don’t love you anymore,
But I miss us at the record store.
These feelings I wish I could ignore.
I just love the idea of amour.
You were perfect, but so was I,
And now I’m wishing that I could die.
Lord, how I miss your endless bliss.
Now there’s no more glitter,
And my heart cannot jitter.
I don’t love you anymore
As I crumble to the floor,
I just want someone to open my door.
:iconart-by-stephanie:Art-By-Stephanie 0 0
Hollywood Lights
Hollywood Lights
I’ve always dreamed of places to go,
People to meet, maybe play a show.
I’ve always wanted to see the world,
And be better than your ordinary girl.
I have so many dreams,
But they’re impossible it seems.
I won’t back down; I will fight
For myself and my light.
I won’t let my dreams die;
I won’t let them reside
Within the world’s graveyard.
:iconart-by-stephanie:Art-By-Stephanie 1 0
My Enemy
My Enemy
“Why aren’t you happy?
I’ve spent all this money.”
That’s all I hear you say.
I’m sorry but my mind is astray.
My crooked smile
How it looks so vile.
What a disappointment.
I just hate my environment.
I need to find an escape.
I hate my shape
And my protruding stomach
How difficult it is to lock.
Decaying fingers and unruly brow
I am more hideous than humans allow.
Lipstick here, eyeliner there
Oh, how life is entirely unfair.
Inadequate and useless, that’s me.
I’m sorry, mother, but this is what I see.
There are few things good about who I am
One of them is that I am a good sham.
:iconart-by-stephanie:Art-By-Stephanie 2 0
The Constrictor
The Constrictor
Arms around my waist;
I feel out of place.
I squirm and push away.
The tighter he grabs,
The harder I gag.
Please make it day.
I start to cry;
He begins to sigh.
I just want to be free
The flick of his wrist
A quick passionate kiss
“But, honey, can’t you see?
You’re my soul, my everything
Here, take this diamond ring.”
He shoves it in my face.
The tighter he holds,
Now I feel the cold.
I need to escape this embrace.
My face turns purple, while his turns red.
I know that soon I will be dead.
I never wanted this, I never did.
I attempt to turn,
I need to escape his yearn,
But here I am, tied up with a squid.
His nails dig in
“My, my, what a sin.
You answered the question wrong.”
Around we turn
I feel his burn
We dance to the beat of the song.
I came prepared
I refuse to be scared.
I’ll fight this demon off.
Into his heart with the knife.
I refuse to be a wife.
The pig is thrown from his trough,
He stumbles and falls
My gr
:iconart-by-stephanie:Art-By-Stephanie 3 0
Mature content
Insatiable :iconart-by-stephanie:Art-By-Stephanie 2 0
Your ink and my blood
I guess we’re in love.
Your green eyes and deceiving lies
Put me under your spell
A handsome face that’s out of place
I should have seen it coming.
Your three favorite words that I despise
You were just a silly disguise.
There’s a beast deep within
You weren't perfect to my chagrin
Snarled teeth and alcohol in hand
Who is this man?
I did this to you, I made you change.
You and I will never be the same.
You looked and liked,
But I wanted to fight.
I begged you to leave me alone,
And now you’re at home.
You scroll the screen
Hoping not to be seen
But, darling, it’s too late.
I don’t want your date.
Persistent, obsessive,
More like angry and oppressive.
I never wanted this, but you did,
And you had to know that I was only a kid.
You were responsible, but you are insane.
Never will I open up again.
I live in fear and in the dark
No one is allowed to touch my heart.
:iconart-by-stephanie:Art-By-Stephanie 2 0
They circle around looking for prey
Even though it is broad day
Eyes black as night
The birds take flight
Gaze as hard as lead
Be quick or be dead
The lock of eyes
The slapping of thighs
They have got you now
The swarm descends
You try to make amends
The faster they go
The larger they grow
The machete beaks
Salty water leaks
It’s too late
To compensate
They pick and prowl with a smile upon their lips
There is nothing but the massive eclipse.
You’re the prize of the night
And if you act right, you may have a life
You fight and break to escape
So they begin to scrape
You had your chance, you should have taken it.
But now you have been hit
No way out now,
You’re the grass to the cow.
It’s time to finish the meal.
Beautiful she was, but now she’s gone
But the damsel deserved it all along.
:iconart-by-stephanie:Art-By-Stephanie 2 0
Romanticized Night
Romanticized Night
Colors flow here and there.
The love in the hot night air.
Quixotic memories haunt them.
A gown, a flower, a tux, a gem,
Girls wink and boys drink.
What a glamorous night.
The boys all fight in the moonlight
Over lustful girls.
In the car, at the bar, or in your parent’s room.
This is where the magic happens, and where the woman blooms.
Silly games and silly names
That you will soon forget.
Years from now you won’t even remember that you met.
Body to body, the heat of the night.
“I love you; this feels so right.”
Love me today, forget me tomorrow.
I don’t care if it will carve my heart hollow.
Love and lust, how interchangeable.
Youth and fun, how forgettable.
:iconart-by-stephanie:Art-By-Stephanie 2 1
If scars were stars, I’d be a galaxy.
My thighs covered in constellations.
A shooting star, a vertical scar.
Is my beauty only within?
Like a xylophone I play,
The music they make is different in the day.
Canon in D, Moonlight Sonata,
If life were a stage, I’d be an opera.
If hearts were ships sailing through time.
My ship would be covered in slime.
Decaying and breaking forced to float
In circles around someone else’s moat.
If minds where trains, mine would crash.
Unable to be repaired and not meant to last.
But if signatures were a word, mine would be 'death'
Because that’s when I will be at rest.
:iconart-by-stephanie:Art-By-Stephanie 5 0





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i was diagnosed last month with persistent depressive disorder formerly known as dysthymia
my life has been a whirlwind since then
also im slowly realizing i am for worse than i ever thought i was
i don't feel and i can only feel when it's late at night and im breaking down or something small happens and i lose it
i don't know if i feel something, but subconsciously make it dissipate, or if i just don't feel anything
also finals week is soon and im gonna die.
yeah so idk why i even post anything here anymore people have forgotten me im sure and i don't even draw anymore, sorry
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